special events

Yoga & books

Yoga & Books is a six-week series that combines yoga and meditation with books that help us live our yoga every day.


… Suggested reading will be made each week

… Each session will begin with a short meditation and some gentle movement

… Discussion will be guided while we enjoy tea together

… Practice will end with another short meditation


… Your book

… A journal and pen

… Your favorite coffee mug or tea cup

… A cozy blanket or other props to help make you comfortable

next yoga & books session coming in october!

Workshops & SPecialty Series

Botanical Cleansing Stick Make & Take


Prepare a personalized bundle with fresh plant material!
Join us for a hands-on class to learn the importance of using smoking bundles to clear yourself and your space of negativity. 
Topics covered will include the significance of energy clearing, how to collect plant material, what plants to use, and how to use your dried bundle.
* Please bring a garden clipper if you have one!
Instructor: Phyllis Jaworski, Sacred Ibis Botanicals
Cost: $60

Anahata Series

June 4, June 25 & July 16
4:30 – 6:00pm

This practice is a love letter from YOU to YOU.

This is a 3-part series that can be explored in separate sessions as it works for your schedule or together as a 3-session package for more wholeness and depth.

Each session will include ceremonial grade cacao, intention setting, breathwork, oracle divination, and a 60-minute Yin to Vinyasa Yoga practice with a focus on opening the energetic and physical blockages in the Heart and Hip space.

“This practice is for you to let go of the load you no longer need to carry so you can more fully step into your most whole authentic Self.”
Instructor: Sarah Cherry, Live Your Truth Yoga
Cost: $99 for 3-part series or $39 per session