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Yoga & books

Yoga & Books is a six-week series that combines yoga and meditation with books that help us live our yoga every day.


… Suggested reading will be made each week

… Each session will begin with a short meditation and some gentle movement

… Discussion will be guided while we enjoy tea together

… Practice will end with another short meditation


… Your book

… A journal and pen

… Your favorite coffee mug or tea cup

… A cozy blanket or other props to help make you comfortable

Upcoming Books

Coming April 2024 Dates to be Announced

Coming October 2024 Dates to be Announced

Workshops & SPecialty Series

Intro to SomaYoga
March 2 @ 10:30am

Cost $40

Move with more ease and less pain! 

SomaYoga is a gentle therapeutic practice that retrains the muscles and the brain. In this workshop you will learn what SomaYoga is and how it can help stabilize the nervous system, release tension patterns and retrain muscle imbalances. 

Suitable for all levels from the high-performance athlete to those recovering from injury. 

Movements will be offered from standing, seated or lying down based on your comfort level.

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse
March 23 @ 10:30am

Cost $40

Learn how to create your own custom Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse to reduce ama (toxins) and improve digestion. 

An Ayurvedic cleanse is good for the mind, body and spirit. It’s a cleanse unlike any you have done in the past and will not have you rushing to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Instead, it’s a nourishing cleanse that promotes health and longevity. 

Join us and leave with a clear cleanse plan for this coming spring season.

Honoring Loss, Growing Through Grief
April 7 @ 2pm

Cost: $40

Grief is an inherent part of the human journey. Life is change and change includes loss. The reality of all life is that we are constantly in transition, as life ebbs and flows between loss and gain.

In this workshop, you will gain insight into the grieving process, explore yoga practices for personal transformation in times of transition and loss, and learn to hold space for your grief and the grief of others.

Recommended text: Honoring Loss, Growing Through Grief, available at Inner Peace Press.

Led by Guest Instructor, Moya McGinn Mathews, E-RYT500, ®YACEP.

Available for 2 CEUs (contact hours).

Breathe & Restore: CBD 101
April 11 @ 6pm

Cost: $10

Are you curious about CBD but don’t know where to start? Join us as we combine the restorative power of yoga with the healing powers of hemp.

Come learn about CBD and its benefits; enjoy a collagen mocktail, CBD jelly samples and education after the 4/11 yoga class!

Whether you are a current CBD user or it is new for you, there will be LOTS of great information about how Green Compass is setting the highest standard with USDA Certified Organic products which can benefit you, your kids and your pets!

Bhakti Flow & Women’s Healing Circle
April 14 @ 2pm

Cost: $60

Bhakti is a Sanskrit word meaning love or devotion.

In this workshop, we will engage in devotion in motion (asana), to celebrate our interconnectedness, open and awaken our hearts, and deepen our connection to spirit. This class will incorporate basic elements of vinyasa flow with an emphasis on heart openers and chanting. Lifting our voices together, we will explore the power of our words and sacred universal sounds and conclude with a nourishing rosewater ritual.

Led by Guest Instructor, Jennifer Grubba, MA, EdS, 200 E-RYT, YACEP

Pelvic Yoga Therapy: Book Celebration & Practice

Join local author, Cheri Dostal Ryba for two great sessions around pelvic health! Attend one or attend both – either way you are destined to gain wisdom and insight into your body and health.

Save $10 when you attend both! Use discount code VITAL10 at checkout.

Book Celebration

May 3 @ 6pm
Cost $20

Vital Roots: a whole person approach to pelvic floor health and finding your voice

May 4 @ 11am
Cost $40