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Yoga & books

Yoga & Books is a six-week series that combines yoga and meditation with books that help us live our yoga every day.


… Suggested reading will be made each week

… Each session will begin with a short meditation and some gentle movement

… Discussion will be guided while we enjoy tea together

… Practice will end with another short meditation


… Your book

… A journal and pen

… Your favorite coffee mug or tea cup

… A cozy blanket or other props to help make you comfortable


Tuesdays, April 11 - May 23. 6:30-8:30pm (no class April 25)

Breathing. We all do it. Every day. But are we breathing in a way that supports our greatest health?

James Nestor has traveled the world to discover the hidden science behind ancient breathing practices and discovered that if we make even just a slight adjustment to the way we inhale and exhale we can transform our lives in big ways.

  • Jump-start athletic performance
  • Rejuvenate internal organs
  • Halt snoring, allergies, asthma and autoimmune disease
  • Straighten scoliotic spines

None of this should be possible. And yet it is.

Join us for our next session of Yoga & Books: Breath. Together, we’ll explore the ancient wisdom and cutting-edge studies that turn what we think we know on its head.

Cost: $75, book not included

Workshops & SPecialty Series

Uncover Your Sankalpa

March 24, 2023

Discover and embrace your deepest heartfelt desire!
Use the elements of practice, meditation, and journaling to identify your deepest heartfelt desire, put it into words and use it to inspire your practice.
The energy of a new season can inspire us to become the best version of ourselves. But this usually takes the form of a new year’s resolution, which tends to focus on the negative (and let’s face it – it’s an arbitrary date for change!).
Resolutions start with the assumption that there’s something we need to change about ourselves. But the guiding principle of the Sankalpa – Sanskrit for an intention formed by the heart and mind, most commonly used in Yoga Nidra practices – is that you are perfect as you are, and just need reinforcement to uncover those parts that you want to bring forth.
Join us for a mixed-methods journey that ties together elements of yogic philosophy, neuroscience, cross-lateral movement, and more to create a Sankalpa that fits where you are now. We’ll close with a Yoga Nidra practice to gain a final sense for how your Sankalpa resonates.
Participants should bring a journal and writing instrument as well as their yoga mat. Yoga Nidra lowers the body temperature, so dressing in layers, with socks, is recommended.
Instructor: Meghan Hatalla

Cost: $40

Spring Cleaning for Your Wellbeing

April 5 – May 24, 2023

Embrace Spring at this lunchtime series!
Spring is when we look to throw out the old and bring in the new. Let’s take stock of the things that aren’t serving us – from a physical and mental perspective – and do a little spring cleaning in both areas!
Over the course of this 8-week series, we’ll move through a themed sequence of postures sourced from Yin, Soma, and other modalities. Paired with readings on regeneration, awakening, and rebirth, we’ll tune our souls with the changing season and emerge like buds ready to flower.
Instructor: Meghan Hatalla
Cost: $90