Hello and welcome to Mudita Wellness!

Here you will learn more about me and the classes and workshops I teach. My goal is to help you be the best version of you – the version where you feel balanced, happy and whole.

I truly believe that yoga is for every body. And, in this busy world we live in where we are always on the go and constantly connected, I believe it is important to find time to unplug, slow down and reconnect with ourselves.

I like to incorporate breathwork, mindful movement and essential oils into my classes. I believe that these three things help us engage and release, bringing us back to ourselves and into the present moment.

Drop by a class, attend a workshop or connect with me on Facebook. New to yoga and nervous to come? Send me a note and we can do a free consult so you can better understand if this is the path for you.

Mudita: taking joy in your happiness 

My Story

I discovered yoga at a time when I was looking for a way to bring balance to my body and my life. I was drawn to the idea that yoga can heal your body from the inside out – no bandaids or medication required.

I lived in Chicago at the time and started practicing at a small, but intense, studio. While the practice was advanced beyond my ability, I stuck with it. And boy am I glad I did! The practice completely changed my life and continues to bring healing and balance at every turn.

I am grateful for my experiences and always hoped that one day I could help others welcome the joy of yoga into their lives too.

Many moons later, I completed my 230 hour certification at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. With a background in the Iyengar and Hatha traditions, I am especially drawn to ayurveda, meditation and restorative practices. I strive to help others find comfort and alignment in their expression of each pose and believe in my heart that yoga truly is for everyone.

I look forward to traveling this path with you!